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Dont do your time     do your business!


Improve your business! We'll help your business to understand, install, configure and automate computer accounting packages, word processors, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.

We are not a software or hardware supplier. At Business Echo we help business work smarter and we'll work with you to analyse and get the most from your accounting and computer systems so that you have the time to concentrate on what you do best..... Your Core Business!

We provide training, set-up, advanced features and support for your accounting packages, spreadsheets, databases and word processors.

Key Services

        Support for Bookkeepers and Administration Personnel

        Selecting business software and hardware to suit your needs

        Setting up your systems and keeping them going

        Configuring your software to work for your business

        Streamlining your efforts and making it easier


We can help you with

         Understanding what a computer can do for your business;

         Analyse your computer needs;

         Installation and set-up of your computer;

         Understanding your computer;

         Configuring your software;

         Automating your software;  Correspondence (Word Processor)

         Analysis and management (Spreadsheet)l.

         Financials (Accounting Package (eg. MYOB Accounting and Quicken / Quicken Pro and Payroll)).

         Marketing (Presentation Software).

         Repetitive work (Templates).

         Information (Database).

         Methods (Flowchart and Process Redesign)

         Work (Process Improvement)

         Selection Independent Advice


Support for Bookkeepers and Administration Personnel

No one's an expert! So if your admin people need extra support or advice, we can help!

Whether it's payroll, payables, receivables, banking, or higher level bookkeeping functions, you can find that support you need here.

Expert assistance is available when you need help with

         Cash flows

         Payables and Receivables

         End of financial year

         BAS reporting, control and setup

         Reconciling, bank, Inventory, Customers and Suppliers, Superannuation, Payroll

         Payroll, (including state Payroll Tax, Workers Compensation, PAYG)

         Training for Bookkeepers and Admin personnel


Save money on your accounting...

Getting it right, before you send your records to the accountant can save you significant costs plus it can release your accountant to really help your business!


Imagine, if your accountant could halve the time they spend on sorting out the problems with your books.  Then imagine the value if they could spend that time with you working on improving your business! 

That's what you really want from your accountant, Isn't it?

That's the experience our clients find when they get us in first

Setting up your systems and keeping them going

So..  You've bought your computer/s.

How do you set it up, connect it and get it going.

We provide installation and support to get you going.


Why have someone help?

        Without experience, you can spend days setting up.

        You can lose programs, by overwriting with new software.

        You can waste your valuable time that you could better spend working on your real business.

WE can...

        Quickly install and connect. Computers, portables, monitors, printers, scanners, modems, and more...

        Load your software.

        Accounting and business packages, Office suites, word processors, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and more...

        Well show you how to use and operate your hardware and software, and

        create cheat sheets for your most common tasks.

Configuring your computer

There is so much involved in getting your systems going. Where do you start.

We can get those systems running and working for your business. On site or by phone.


Once the software is loaded...

Modern software can do just about anything (if you know how!).  It is designed to work for a wide range of businesses.  You need to make it work for YOURS!

How do you set up your systems specifically for your situation?

WE can...

        Cost effectively configure Accounting packages, Office suites, word processors, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and more...

        Add your business' flavour. 

        Business documents, reports, presentations and more can be adapted to have the look and feel of your business with logos, styles and more added.

        We can give your business that professional and efficient look.


Streamlining your business.

This is the payoff for buying that computer. 

We can provide or build those fast automated features that will streamline your work.


How long does it take you NOW to...

         Invoice your customers.

         Generate estimates.

         Write a letter.

         Manage your accounts.


Your new computer should improve this.  If you want even better then..


We can...

        Save you time with Templates that can be re-used again and again.

        Provide Short cuts for data entry.

        Link your applications so that you don't have to enter the same information time and time again.

        Show you Better and faster ways to use your computer. And

        How to set up time savers yourself. 

NOTE 1:  Depending on the software installed

Contact Information

Telephone: 0419 596366 (Australia)

Fax: 61-3-9759-6377

Postal: PO Box 2320 ROWVILLE Vic Aust 3178.

Email: erico@businessecho.com.au

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Member: Association of Accounting Technicians

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